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Angela Whitney Healing Therapies

Be a happier and healthier you!


Details of the following treatments that I offer are listed below:

• Craniosacral

• Somato Emotional Release Therapy

• Hot Stone Massage

• Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

• Confidence & Self-esteem Building Techniques

• Healing

• Qi Gong

Craniosacral Therapy: Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, subtle, non-invasive yet powerful process. It is hands-on-healing, bringing true unity and integration of Body-Mind-Spirit. This work is profoundly relaxing. It enables the central nervous system to completely rest and rejuvenate, giving time and space for mind and body to unite. It offers a way to deal with stress by releasing it and learning how to continue with great insight, to create more ease and flow in one's life. 

Craniosacral work offers a way of being held that encourages feelings of safety and comfort so that physical tension emotions and psychological states can be clarified and processed.

Craniosacral Therapy is a branch of Osteopathy which works with the involuntary mechanism of the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes and cushions the brain & spinal cord. As a practitioner I am trained to listen to the rhythmic flow of the living systems, the central nervous system, bones, fluids & tissues. In a typical Craniosacral session, you will usually lie (or sometimes sit) fully-clothed on a treatment couch.

Examples of conditions which may respond favourably to treatment are:

Chronic and recurrent pain, migraines and headaches, stress-related conditions, emotional blockages, back pain, hormonal imbalances, tinnitus, menstrual and digestive problems, hyperactivity and learning difficulties.

I have recently been working with clients with tinnitus and helping them to manage it. Craniosacral Therapy together with constructive relaxation exercises can help to bring about relief from Tinnitus symptoms by working with the underlying cause of imbalance caused by trauma or an adrenal driven lifestyle. Craniosacral Therapy reduces restrictions of the bones, muscles and ligament attachments which, when contracted, can exacerbate the problem.  

Craniosacral Therapy helps to allow the stress of the body to melt away and enjoy a wonderful peace of mind which is fully present. This helps our thinking to naturally become more present to seeing our way of being.

Further details of Craniosacral Therapy can be found at and at

Somato Emotional Release Therapy: Somato Emotional Release is a therapy that uses the concepts of Craniosacral Therapy to free the body and mind of the discomforting side effects of trauma. The therapy focuses on establishing a strong mind-body connection in order for the release of emotional trauma and the resolution of physical symptoms.

Hot Stone Massage:

Using smooth, basalt stones of varying sizes, direct heat melts tension from muscles promoting pain relief and creating sensations of comfort, relaxation, warmth and spiritual well-being.

The heat penetrates the muscles, stimulating circulation and the flow of oxygen and nutrients, thus helping the body to detoxify and heal. (Women only).

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques:

I tailor sessions to each individuals needs and may include specific stress & relaxation techniques such as meditation, visualization, healing, relaxation exercises & breathing techniques as well as looking at your lifestyle factors including diet and nutrition, working through the underlying causes of stress in your life. I also use the Koshi Chimes; their gentle ethereal healing sounds help to deepen the state of relaxation, soothing away the stresses of the day.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Building Techniques:

Learning how to relax deeply into the body with breathing techniques to be able to access a deeper sense of self in dealing with presentations, speeches, interviews etc. 

Healing for Patients: Healing can be defined as regaining balance of mind, body and/or emotions. Hands-on-healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Healers are thought to act as a conduit for healing energy, the benefits of which can be felt on many levels, including the physical.

Qi Gong: Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese form of movement exercise that promotes the flow of Chi (vital energy) through the body. It comprises of a series of exercises for stretching and mobilising the body and joints, breathing techniques, slow movement exercises, static postures and meditation. I can teach you how working with Qi Gong can create more energy, strength, vitality and help treat illness, pain & addictions. It can help reduce high cholesterol and hypertension. It can give you a youthfulness that banishes stress and exhaustion and results in a happier, healthier you. I can teach one to one or happy to teach group sessions.