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Angela Whitney Healing The​rapies

Craniosacral Therapist, Hot Stone Massage,  Qi Gong & Chakra Meditation.

Testimonials of Angela's Treatments

Juiliet Silburn - February 2022

"Angela’s treatments are very relaxing and healing. The cranio therapy creates subtle shifts and space where my body needs it and the hot stones work on softening tight muscles which, together with the massage, eases movement and leaves me feeling soothed.  The whole treatment leaves me feeling readjusted both mentally and physically with a deep sense of inner peace."

Danielle Kerris - January 2022

"I have regular monthly cranial and hot stone treatments with Angela. She brings a gentle wisdom and healing presence to the sessions which leave me deeply relaxed. The treatments have become an important part of my self care. I wouldn’t miss them for the world".

Chris Young

"I was in an extremely fragile state when I sought Craniosacral treatment from Angela and after having completing 3 sessions I was aware of the benefits to my mind, body and spirit. Angela has strong healing qualities and I was aware of her channeling energy my way during the treatments which have had a lasting and positive impact on my well being. I also liked how Angela would have a pre-treatment informal discussion to relax the client and get to know them a little better in keeping with the holistic approach to her healing practice."

Roxchel Angelis

"I was guided to Angela 3 yrs ago after the passing of my mother and the subsequent “return to my childhood home.” .........Angela received me with such understanding & compassion and a deep awareness of the underlying issues. Through her sessions of Reiki, Craniosacral & Hot Stones she poured over me such beautiful, sensitive vibrations that helped me to realign and return to wholeness. She is a compassionate caring Angel who works in a professional capacity whilst bringing through sacred energies."

Sarah Walton

"I contacted Angela when I had a brain injury and I was in intense pain. I didn’t want to take the pain killers as they made me even more tired and confused and I tried Cranio therapy. I went every week for months initially. Initially I was an hour painfree, then would experience a whole day after treatment pain free and gradually that got longer and I reduced the frequency of sessions. As my body began to trust Angela’s gentle, but professional approach we went deeper in my inner world. It was a journey into the depths of my being and Angela held that space gently and with integrity. Cranio helped to manage the symptoms of brain injury and to reduce the pain and cognitive overload. It was not a cure, but I believe that my recovery would have been a lot slower and traumatic without it. It also helped to release layers of trauma that was trapped in my body. For trauma release and pain management I would highly recommend Craniosacral therapy. I’m a writer and the last faculty that returned to me was the ability to write fiction. I also believe that the Cranio helped to put my system into a place of stillness so that I could start the road to writing again. Angela encouraged me to paint my inner world and I still have some of the beautiful oil paintings I did at this time.

Sophia’s Tale (which I recently published) was written in 2006 when I was recovering from brain injury and receiving treatment and I found myself very much in the world of the sub-conscious. The Cranio work put me energetically into a state of groundedness and calm which supports creativity. I’m very grateful to Angela for her deep and creative approach to Craniosacral Therapy which I believe helped realign my soul to have the confidence to explore a new way to write. I had other treatments too, but I still see Angela from time to time as I believe the body and soul need a regular MOT to run at optimum capacity. And Angela’s approach to Craniosacral Therapy makes every cell in my being vibrate with renewed zest and zing for life.”

Cliff Wright - Illustrator & Artist

"The Qi Gong/ Meditation sessions have been wonderful. So good to feel the sense of a rooted balance and connection with our deeper selves, during and after the practices. Good also to have a regular weekly meet up with a few like-minded people to share the Qi Gong". 

Verena Hartlieb - Austria.

"Thank you for these wonderful, powerful evenings. Qi Gong makes me feel completely present, all tensions in the muscles and thoughts from a stressful day are released. The body feels more open and you can literally feel the extending from the Chakra points during the Qi Gong practice and the meditation".